Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Senate Hearing on CME: Links to Testimony

Industry-supported CME received a merciless drubbing today at the Senate Hearing. I'll report some of my observations tomorrow, but for now I wanted to post some of the written testimony, since it may not be available from the Senate for another week or so.

--Steve Nissen's Testimony

--Eric Campbell's Testimony

--ACCME (Murray Kopelow) Testimony

--Thomas Stossel's Testimony

I'll post others as I receive them.


Gina Pera said...

Steve Nissen, Dr. Grandstander....don't think I can stomach watching. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy of Dr. Nissen is simply breathtaking. He should disclose the amount of money that he has taken from industry and especially at those fancy association meeting symposia. He was one of the most over the top promoters of torcetrapib before that all came crashing down.

If he were really sincere, he would confess his sins and perhaps--like Dr. Carlat--make up for it. However, I would expect that he would rather sit on his horde and figure out how to angle for some big post at the FDA or CMS.