Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Drugs Collide: What Every Psychiatric Prescriber Should Know

Please file this blog post under "Shameless Self-Promotion."

I just published a new edition of my book, Drug Metabolism in Psychiatry: A Clinical Guide. You can buy it here, and you can read a free preview of the first two chapters here.

It's mostly a book for psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. It's pretty short at 145 pages, but it's very concise and in my opinion fun to read.

If you are not a prescriber you might also find it useful because it explains in clear language how we make decisions about which drugs to prescribe based on how they are metabolized. Therapists, patients, and those simply interested in psychiatry might find it educational, and strangely entertaining.

Anyway, that's it. Sorry if you were looking for a piece of muckraking investigative journalism. Maybe next time!

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