Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Pharma Mule Show and Tell

Clin psych just dropped me a note requesting that I scan in the documents that I described yesterday. These were the industry-funded CME activities that poor Primary Psychiatry has to schlep around like the abused but well-paid mule that it is.

I tried scanning them right into this blog but Blogger gave me too much technical grief. So I have posted them all at Google Docs. Just click on the relevant links to go directly to the artwork.

1. Here's the DVD funded by i3CME and Bristol-Myers Squibb in which they paid three of the foremost experts in schizophrenia to say nothing about Abilify's propensity to cause akathisia/activation.

2. Here is Stephen Stahl's Cephalon-sponsored newsletter, "Wake up!", which awards 1.25 hours of CME credit to encourage you to detect more patients with "excessive sleepiness" and to prescribe Provigil.

3. Here is a larger version of the actual journal (also pictured above) with its Eli Lilly overwrap advertising a nonsense telesession about bipolar disorder.

4. Finally, here is the first page of the Michael Clark "Cymbalta Synergy" article including the erroneous financial disclosure.

Good old show and tell. I haven't had this much fun since kindergarten!


CL Psych said...

Awesome! My vote is for more show and tell. If these clowns are so proud of their "educational" material, let's disseminate it as widely as we can!

soulful sepulcher said...

I teach Kindergarten -Senior High.
I thought I did good when i did art docent about van Gogh. show and tell this way-- my kind of show and tell--and stop being a one week poster!
thanks-remember i represent who you really want to see this shit, er stuff. because i am everywhere in the 'system' you all reside and get paid for hanging in.