Friday, April 4, 2008

The Unbranded Doctor

The National Physician's Alliance (NPA) just announced the kick off of its "Unbranded Doctor" campaign. For those who have never heard of the organization, the NPA is to the AMA (the American Medical Association) as the Prius is to the Ford Explorer--namely, a progressive group of relatively young doctors who are more concerned with ethics and patient care than with ensuring a fat income stream. I am a proud card-carrying member, and I urge you to join as well.

The Unbranded Doctor campaign is a godsend for physicians who are eager to make their offices drug rep-free and sample-free, but would like some logistical help and moral support. After all, nobody wants to be impolite to drug reps, who are by nature friendly and convivial. And how do you break it to patients that there will be no more drug company pamphlets around, not to mention not-truly-free samples?

The website offers downloadable brochures to keep in your waiting room, such as "Why is my doctor restricting the use of promotional samples?" and "Why doesn't my doctor see drug reps? Information for patients." Even more fun, there is an Unbranded Doctor Store, where you can purchase buttons with choice slogans like, "Data, not doughnuts" and "Lower your cholesterol, say NO to drug lunches!" While you're there, don't forget to pick up some unbranded t-shirts, sweat-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, bibs, tote bags, journals, and clocks. They make great gifts for drug reps!


chartreuse said...

I can't seem to find the patient information brochures on the website, do you have a direct link?

Daniel Carlat said...

Yes, from the main Unbranded Doctor page, click "How to Become Unbranded" then click "downloadable brochures."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing this info and link. I will be joining.

At least a little hope in a darkening world.

I'm a bit disappointed the posting of the former rep talk did not get more reaction. Too much indifference or truly old news?

soulful sepulcher said...

this is brilliant!

Supremacy Claus said...

"Sponsors of this Act are right to be concerned that industry gifts to physicians encourage brand-name prescribing when generic equivalents exist: this influence leads to tremendous waste of tax-payer dollars in Medicare and Medicaid and similarly contributes to the rising cost of private health insurance. It also leads doctors to prescribe new drugs without long safety records."

Taken from the website of the NPA.

In their hatred. these left wing ideologues want to stop clinical creativity to the detriment of desperate doctors facing desperate patients.

Supremacy Claus said...

These left wing hate filled ideologues are also saying, rich white people get superior brand names. Dark skinned MA patients get garbage generics not fit for animal consumption. In the case of psychiatry, dark skinned people, including dark skinned childen, get haloperidol and chlopromazine. See if your vet wants to use either.

Anonymous said...

To risk the disdain, if not banishment by Dr C, it needs to be said:

You, Supremacy Claus, are an ass.

Your efforts to diminish and demean this site is not only distasteful, but your bigotry and prejudice poorly attempted at projected onto invested and caring individuals will continue to be rejected and now ignored.

As far as I am concerned, future comments by you are uninterpretable hieroglyphics.

Goodbye, and have a nice life.

Supremacy Claus said...

TF: Are you upset about something?

This is just policy. It's advocacy.

These are awful people, attacking clinical care to advance their sick left wing, Commie agenda. I would like to see a patient direct action group form to help them understand things better.

These are horrible, officious intermeddlers.